80% blindness is avoidable, if it is detected and treated on time. In Pakistan, 480 people are developing eye problems every day. However, due to the poor eye care facilities, many people suffering from eye problems and diseases led to blindness. The equipment used to diagnose eye diseases contains fundus cameras, which are very expensive and small hospitals cannot afford them. Although Govt. of Pakistan has developed basic health units (BHUs) in rural areas but they lack specialized equipment. Patients from rural areas need to move all along to major cities and hospitals for examination. Telemedicine is one of the solution for this problem but that too need availability of equipment to examine patients. Smartphones, as an alternative to fundus cameras, can be used for basic retinal screening. Different products are available in market for this purpose ranging from USD 300 to USD 1500.Shipping cost and customs taxes are addition of these. Our motivation is to provide a low cost, easy to use and readily available indigenously developed product for retina examination, which can be placed in BHUs as well.

Our product includes a smart phone device working on indirect ophthalmoscopy principle accompanied with smartphone app that is cross-platform compatible. It also incorporates cloud for data storage and sharing.


01Portable Fundus Camera

Digital fundus cameras are very massive so we can’t take them along with us everywhere. They are expensive as well. In comparison to that, our product is portable and light in weight, so OphthaHelp can put in a briefcase and can be taken to remote areas. This makes OphthaHelp portable in all places.

02Remote Access

OphthaHelp is accessible remotely due to cloud storage. Cloud coverage ensures security of data and availability of data universally.

03Decision Support

Portable device which uses vibrational waves to treat neurological disorders based on Neurotransmission Cognitive Theory

04Ease of Use

Our device can be operated easily by any physician; images can be taken and shared with qualified ophthalmologists who are present in the distant places.

05User Friendly Design

OphthaHelp provides a user friendly design. It is compatible with all main smart phone brands. It also include headrest to provide ease during acquisition. A chin rest is also added as an optional part to give doctor and patient a feel of real fundus camera. We have filed a Patent on this.

Cloud storage & Mobile Application

Our product includes cross plateform application. It includes modules like a comprehensive patient registration form including his/her demographics, history and complaints, visual acuity test for eye sight checking, acquisition in real time using portable camera, image enhancement techniques and image annotations. Specialist can annotate the image based on his/her findings. An intelligent deep learning based decision support system is also included in application to provide a second artificial intelligence based opinion. A report is generated including all findings, patient eye sight and doctors remarks. This report can be shared with other specialist or patient himself/herself.

All data and reports are stored on cloud that can be accessed from anywhere. Doctors can even view their hospital lab records against a particular patient using this cloud facility.