- EPIC -

- The Smart Epilepsy Notification Muscle Band -

What Is EPIC?

Epic is Pakistan’s first ever smart Epilepsy notification muscle band, design to connect Epilepsy Patients with their caregivers whenever patients experience epilepsy seizure, Our Project propose a new idea in contrast to the video EEG (Electroencephalography) monitoring which is done inside EMU (Epilepsy Monitoring Unit), where patient’s brainwaves are recorded by EEG machine and at the same time recorded on video, in order to learn about the type of seizure the patient is suffering from. This process is time consuming and very expensive for most of patients in Pakistan. This existing solution can’t help patients and their caregivers to get alerts regarding epilepsy in daily life. Our solution is an attempt to detect seizure from muscular activity of patients, as during epileptic seizure a peculiar muscular activity is observe which mean it also have enough information to determine the type and intensity level of seizure. Our solution proposes cost effective wearable muscle band that captures Surface Electromyography (sEMG) signals generated by muscles. Based on the EMG signals our solution uses signal processing and machine learning algorithms which helps in detecting the epilepsy seizure and their intensity level. Whenever our device detect any seizure, patient location is been tracked with a Global Positioning System (GPS) module (fix in the device and integrated with the cloud service) in order to notify nominated caregivers in vicinity of patient. As our device is also being integrated with our dynamic web application, this allows patient to graphically visualize their seizures and other medical information and share it with their doctors and seek treatment, Patient can also control as to who gets notification

The Need for EPIC

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy. People with epilepsy respond to treatment is less than 70% and in many part of the world especially in Pakistan and India people with epilepsy and their families suffer from stigma and dicrimination. Patients experience reduced access to health and life insurance and reduce access to withholding of the opportunity to obtain a driving license and barrier to enter particular occupation among other limitation.According to some studies mortality rate In Pakistan is 2.6 per 100,000 persons, majority of them live in rural areas and aren’t treated appropiately, the major reason being the cost of diagnosis in EMU which people of the rural areas can’t actually afford. This project is aimed to solve the problem for these people hence providing a solution which is cost effective, viable and scalable .As with the new trend of detecting epileptic seizure with a wearble device, market is open for any research oriented cost effective device, therefore we are determined to develop a muscle band which will cost approximately $60 (and the subscription charges) enabling patients to easily adopt it. The other benefit includes the data acquire which can be use for the analysis of new trends in epilepsy. With the web base solution, this project aims to generate the employment and income source for the doctors. Epic will eventually finish the concept of seeing doctor at hostpital and at clinic.


The solution uses EMG signals, Signal processing techniques to early detect, track location and create alert and notify system. This new art of early diagnosis and detection is all in one solution for patients to easily adopt. Our solution comes with the following features

As our solution is hardware integrated with software, the device have inbuilt muscle sensor, Wi-Fi module, SD card adapter, rechargeable batteries, LED indicator & ON/OFF switch.

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