Electronic Medical Record suite

ALBASR Electronic Medical Record suite

ALBASR is a standardized web based Electronic Medical Record suite with Decision Support System generally suited for any Hospital/Clinic especially from rural areas connected to any metropolitan hospital using Telemedicine System

ALBASR provides a number of healthcare products ranging from standardized EMR for general hospitals tospecialized MRS for ophthalmology clinics/hospitals to products like Telemedicine and Hess Chart to AI based diagnostics.



  • Appointment Block Scheduling
  • Daily Appointments
  • Subject, Objective, Assessment
  • Diagnosis Entry
  • Lab, Pharmacy & Radiology Order Entry
  • Doctor Notes & Examination Forms


  • Patient Visit History Management
  • SOAP Notes
  • ICD-10 Diagnosis
  • Patient Allergies Record
  • Medication Administration

03 Laboratory

  • Lab Orders Management
  • Order EntrNon-Dicom Image Results
  • Lab Results
  • report generation

04 Pharmacy

  • Coded Drugs Dictionary
  • Individual & Group Order Entry
  • Medication Plan ordering
  • Active & Discontinued Medications Record


  • Patient Registration
  • Provider Registration
  • Access Control Management
  • Provider Scheduling